After approving the details of your hats it comes to the production stage. There are mainly 14 steps to custom your hats.

Step 1: Designing

Cutting fabric

Step 2: Cutting fabric


Step 3: Embroidery

sewing panels

Step 4: Sewing panels

Edge cutting

Step 5: Edge cutting

sewing eyelets

Step 6:Sewing eyelets 

Sewing visor & sweat band

Step 7: Sewing visor & sweat band

Installing button

Step 8: Installing button

installing closure

Step 9: Installing closure

Triming off extra threads

Step 10:Trimming off extra threads 


Step 11: Blocking

QC & Packaging

Step 12: QC & Packaging

Packing in carton

Step 13:Packing in carton


Step 14: Warehousing